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Research and development

Research & Development

We are concerned about being at the forefront of research and development of solutions to improve the profitability of our customers through the use of innovative additives and products. The R&D department is made up of a great professional team, constantly training and updating with the latest trends in the industry.

It works closely with clients and academy, generating knowledge and value applicable to the daily operation of the industry.

Service and accompaniment

Our core competency lies in providing a comprehensive service that ranges from the implementation and start-up of our dispensing equipment, to staff training, periodic maintenance and 24/7 assistance in the application of all our products.  

Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary technology that allows us to ensure the quality of all our products, as well as to offer residual analysis of analytes of interest to our clients, in order to provide peace of mind regarding a correct application process.


ATS (Aquasek Treatment System)

It is a system for the treatment of waste and recovery of solids. Through a sedimentation system, it obtains a GRAS quality sludge that is sustainable with the environment and allows its reincorporation into the production line.


Its operating principle is through  Flocculation, which in turn, is the process in which the particles of a colloidal solution agglutinate, allowing them to separate from the liquid in which they are immersed. The operation and efficiency of this process is based mainly on the action of the flocculant product Aquasek Dry, which consists of a powder product that helps to agglomerate the destabilized colloidal particles in the process water.

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